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Do you need a new website ?

Should your website be optimized for mobile devices ?

Do you need someone to administer the homepage ?

Does your homepage not function correctly anymore ?

You don’t know where to start ?


You would like to also sell your products online ?

You are unhappy with the selling amounts ?

Your online shop needs to be urgently worked over ?

Does administering the products get more and more complicated ?

You are looking for a reliable partner for all the technical stuff ?


You have an idea for a web based application and you need someone to program it ?

You need an interface for your online shop ?

Do you need a PHP or Javascript programmer ?

You would like to have a module for your payment service ?

You have huge amounts of data to process ?


Andreas Näf

andreas näf

Owner / Programmer

„I love challenges!“

Denny Euler

denny euler

Project Leader

„There are no problems! There are only solutions!“

Ingrid-Regina Vähi

Web Designer

„Life is too short to do a job you don’t love.“

Eva Näf

eva näf

Artist & Graphic Designer

„All you need is faith and trust and a bit of pixiedust.“


When you have an idea and you want to talk with us about it, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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